Free WiFi Access - Please Enter Email Address


Please find an explanation of the circumstances and position relating to providing FREE Wi-Fi throughout the resort.

Whilst we are currently upgrading the WiFi throughout the Resort and Hotel, there will be occasions where it is not available.

During this time we will endeavour to ensure that WiFi is available in the main resort building.

Whilst this upgrade will improve the WiFi coverage in the resort, it will not cure the problem of availble bandwidth in the area.

Unfortunately, the Resort is in that ‘2%’ area in the UK that is unlikely to receive ultrafast broadband in the foreseeable future due to ‘there being insufficient population to justify the expense.

Naturally, this leaves us at a very significant disadvantage as broadband connection is almost a necessity. However, the existing infrastructure will simply not support the volume of traffic we require.

Obviously Moness Resort has investigated the installation of a dedicated connection to the estate through various avenues. Unfortunately, the best estimate we have established is currently around 2020 at best.

It’s envisaged that technical innovation or government action will ultimately bring down this estimate, however, currently we are hidebound by extremely limited infrastructure issues.

Alternative options, including satellite connections have been investigated, unfortunately, they are not at the stage where they can ultimately supply the connectivity required by the Resort.

In order to allow all guests at least some access to the internet while on Resort, we are attempting to distribute the WiFi as equitably as possible. Whilst this may get congested at times,

We hope to ensure that all guests will be able to at least access their emails whilst on the resort.

Thank you for your understanding.

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